SRPF Nagpur Range Police Bharti 2018 Written Exam & Physical Exam Results

SRPF Nagpur Range Police Bharti 2018 Written Exam & Physical Exam Results

Maharashtra SRPF Nagpur Police Bharti 2018 Results published now. Candidates now able to check their results on below given link. SRPF Police Bharti 2018 Declared the Written Exam Results, Selection Lists, Waiting Lists, Merit Lists etc., of Maharashtra SRPF Police Examination 2018 from below given link on this page. Candidate now able to download the SRPF Police Written Exam 2018 Results from given links. Maha SRPF Nagpur Police Examination Results of written examination 2018 and list of eligible candidates declared by SRPF Nagpur Range Police, candidates now download their results from given link on this page. Category wise separate list of written examination results are given below:

Jalna SRPF Gr. 3 Results 2018:

File Name
1 Police Bharti GR III Jalna Advertisement 2018.pdf Download
physical test mark 15-03-2018.pdf Download
physical test marks 13-03-2018.pdf Download
Physical test marks 14-03-2018.pdf Download
Physical test marks 16-03-2018.pdf Download
Physical test marks 17-03-2018.pdf Download
physical test marks 19-03-2018.pdf Download
physical test marks 20-03-2018.pdf Download
physical test marks 21-03-2018.pdf Download
shudhipatrak police bharti 2018.pdf Download
दिनांक १२-३-२०१८ च्या मैदानी चाचणी चे गुण.pdf Download
पोलीस भरती – २०१८ लेखी परीक्षा निकाल दिनांक ०३-०४-२०१८.pdf Download
पोलीस भरती – २०१८ सुधारित लेखी परीक्षा निकाल दिनांक ०५-०४-२०१८.pdf Download
पोलीस भरती २०१८ – मैदानी चाचणीची गुणवत्ता यादी.pdf Download
पोलीस भरती २०१८ च्या लेखी परीक्षे बाबत सूचना.pdf Download
पोलीस भरती २०१८ च्या लेखी परीक्षेस पात्र उमेदवारांची नामावली.pdf Download
पोलीस भरती-२०१८ तात्पुरती निवड यादी दिनांक ०५-०४-२०१८.pdf Download
पोलीस भरती-२०१८ लेखी परीक्षा उत्तर तालिका ०२-०४-२०१८.pdf Download
शुद्धिपत्रक पोलीस भरती २०१८.pdf Download

Nagpur SRPF Gr 4 Results 2018:

Dhule SRPF Gr. 6 Results 2018:

File Name
ADV SRPF_GR_6_DHULE_2018.pdf Download
SRPF Gr 6 Dhule Physical Mark List.pdf Download
srpf gr 6 doc veryfication list.pdf Download
SRPF Gr 6 Provisional Seletion & waiting list.pdf Download
SRPF_GR_6_Written_Mark_list.pdf Download

Amravati SRPF Gr 9 Results 2018:

पोलीस भरती 2018 तात्पुरती प्रतिक्षा यादी.pdf Download
पोलीस भरती 2018 तात्पुरती निवड यादी.pdf Download
File Name
Advertisement_ of_Police_Bharati_2018.pdf Download
Police Bharti -2018 Writen Exam ANSWERS KEY.pdf Download
पोलीस भरती 2018 उमेदवारांचा लेखी परीक्षेचा निकाल.pdf Download
पोलीस भरती – 2018 उमेदवारांचा मैदानी चाचणी निकाल.pdf Download
पोलीस भरती-2018 सुधारीत जाहिरात (शुध्दीपत्रक).pdf Download

Aurangabad SRPF Gr 14 Results 2018:

Gondia SRPF Gr 15 Results 2018:

All_General_Physical_List_IRb_2_SRPF_GR_15.pdf Download
CORREGENDUM_POLICE_BHARTI_2018__JAHIRAT_27_03_2018.pdf Download
Physical_Result_Report_12-Mar-2018.pdf Download
Physical_Result_Report_13-Mar-2018.pdf Download
Physical_Result_Report_14-Mar_2018.pdf Download
Physical_Result_Report_15-Mar_2018.pdf Download
Physical_Result_Report_16-Mar-2018.pdf Download
Physical_Result_Report_17-Mar-2018.pdf Download
Physical_Result_Report_19-Mar-2018.pdf Download
Physical_Result_Report_20-Mar-2018.pdf Download
Physical_Result_Report_21-Mar-2018.pdf Download
Physical_Result_Report_22-Mar-2018.pdf Download
Physical_Result_Report_23-Mar-2018.pdf Download
Physical_Result_Report_24-Mar-2018.pdf Download
Physical_Result_report_26-Mar-2018.pdf Download
Physical_Result_Report_27-Mar-2018.pdf Download
Physical_Result_Report_28-Mar-2018.pdf Download
Physical_Result_Report_29-Mar-2018.pdf Download
Physical_Result_Report_30-Mar-2018.pdf Download
Physical_Result_Report_31-Mar-2018.pdf Download
POLICE_BHARTI_2018_JAHIRAT_Dt_05_02_2018.pdf Download
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