Mahadbt scholarship 9th, 10th Application Forms

MAHADBT scholarship Pre Matric 9th & 10th Class

MahaDBT New Website Details Application Forms - महाडीबीटी

MahaDBT has started an application forms for class 9th, 10th. The candidates can Now Apply Online For the MAHADBT Shishyavrutti Yojna From this page. The candidates of the C

lass 9th & Class 10th Can submit their Application Forms of scholarship from given links. Also the MAHADBT Help Video (अर्ज़ कसा करावा?) is given For your Help. Follow the given Links & Apply For Schlorship Yojana 2017.

Important Links of MAHADBT 2017/महत्वपूर्ण लिंक्स :-


Ramai Gharkul Yojna 2017 – 2018

Ramai Gharkul Yojna 2017 – 2018

As per government date 9th March 2010, Ramai Gharkul yojana for reserve and New Buddhists peoples is allotted for Arjuni Nagarpachayat, Gondia. People living in the area of Arjuni Nagarpanchayat can have this facility of Ramai Gharkul Yojna 2017 – 2018. To get benefit of this scheme, willing people need to provide all necessary documents and certificates at Office of Arjuni Nagarpanchayat.

Ramai Gharkul Yojna 2017 - 2018

More Details About Ramai Aawas Yojana 2017, Application Form(नवीं माहिती)

In some villages people have to build houses for houses of earth, grasslands and grass. There was a fear of elevated cold rains and there was a great fear in front of them. This should be changed, we should help those people.Maharashtra Government has implemented the Ramai Aawas Yojna GR for all those People. Scheduled caste people in rural or urban areas should live up to their livelihood or remove the question of their resignation. The Social Justice Department has built a house on their own land and considers this scheme as Ramai Housing Scheme or Ramai Gharkul Yojna.


Pune Mahanagar Palika scholarship Scheme

Pune Mahanagar Palika Abdul Kalam & Anna Bhau Sathe scholarship Scheme @

Pune Municipal Corporation – MahaNagar Palika published an advertisement for the scholarship Scheme 2017 – 2018. The Eligible candidates can apply for this scheme from this website. The details Instructions for online Application Forms of PMC scholarship Scheme 2017 – 2018.

Abdul Kalam & Anna Bhau Sathe scholarship Yojna 2017 –

As per the following notification this scholarship scheme details are given below. Read all the instructions & details carefully & Apply for this scheme from where all details with respective links are given on page.

Apply Now Samaj Kalyan Vibhag Pune Mahanagarpalika 2017-2018

List of Documents required for Pune Mahanagar Palika scholarship Scheme

Following is the List of respective documents which youe have attach with your Application Form.

List of documents required for scholarship 2017



Prathmik Shikshak Gat Vima Details 2017

Prathmik Shikshak Gat Vima Details 2017, Primary Teachers Gat Vima, Insurance Details

Maharashtra State primary Teachers Gat Vima Policy Details & Eligibility Details are given on this page. Also the related links of the gat Vima process are shown on the page. The Amount applicable For gat vima Process 2017 are Shown below. The Amount will be applicable as per given dates.

Gat Vima Yojana 2017

Basic Details About Gat Vima Group Insurance Process 2017

प्रा.शिक्षकांना GIS गटविमा लागु झाल्याच्या तारखा व रक्कम

  • 30 रु- 1/10/1990
  • 60 रु – 1/3/2003
  • 120रु- 1/1/2010
  • 360 रु-1/1/2015
    आपली नियुक्ती दिनांक तपासा

Mahabhulekh 7-12 Download

Mahabhulekh 7-12 [email protected]

Mahabhulekh7 / 12 Download are available for downloading. If you want to download the Sat Bara You can download it from this page. All respective links to download the 7 / 12 are given here on this page. The 7/12 Utara Can be download here on this page. The step wise instructions & Simplified instructions are given here on this page.

MahaBhulekh 7/12 of All districts like Amravati, Aurangabad, Kokan, Nagpur, Nashik, Pune regions. Candidates from all over Maharashtra can get their Sat Bara to download this PDF of Sat-bara from this page for all districts.

Mahabhulekh 7-12 Download

Download Land records of Maharashtra Mahabhumiabhilekh:


People who are going to purchase the land they must check the land details. The land records in Maharashtra is also called as Satbara. The Satbara is a register number which is obtained at revenue department. Satbara Utara is popularly referred as an extract from the Land Records register for any property. In land records, we can get the complete details of that particular property such as ownership and also much other information of that land. In this post, we have specified the Satbara Utara Online procedure steps. portal is Working Now portal is Working Now

Maharashtra Scholarship Online Application Form at are now available. The candidates can Apply For various Scholarship Yojna from this portal. This portal Covers All Government Scholarship Schemes like Post matric, pre Matric & various Other Government Schemes.

MAHADBT Scholarship Portal Details 2017

Mazi Kanya Bhagyashree Yojna 2017

Mazi Kanya Bhagyashree Yojna 2017 Application Form

माझी कन्या भाग्यश्री योजना २०१७

Latest News Updates in Mazi Kanya Bhagyashree Yojna 2017 are given on this page. The Maharashtra Government has published this scheme For all maharashtrians. Now as per the new updates the concept the coverage of this scheme is now extended so that maximum peoples would get benefit of this scheme.

New Eligibility Criteria For Mazi Kanya Bhagyashree Yojna

Mazi Kanya Bhagyashree Scheme New Updates

Brief Details of Mazi Kanya Bhagyashri (MKBY) Scheme

Maharashtra Government declared this Scheme MKBS, each couple who has one or more girl child will get financial assistance from the state government for their survival and education. According to the officials from the state government a girl when she will reach 18 years will get 1 lakh rupees per year for her education

and further studies. The scheme is launched for the people who belong to economically weaker group and BPL category only.

Details about Mazi Kanya Bhagyashree Yojna

Further Details, Application Forms, Application Procedure, Documents required, Beneficiary Criteria Details are given below.

Mazi Kanya Bhagyashree Yojna Details 2017

Mazi kanya Bhagyashree Scheme Details Full PDF


Latest New About Ladli Laxmi Yojna 2017

Majhi Kanya Bhagyashree Scheme in Maharashtra

Magel Tyala Shettale Yojana Apply, Details

Magel Tyala Shettale Yojana Apply, Details

Maharashtra Magel Tyala Shettale Yojana Apply, Details are given here on this page. The Maharashtra Government has launched this yojna for the Farmers. This Program is known as the Falgship Program. This will helpful for farmers in Maharashtra. The More details & Instructions for Magel Tyala Shettale Yojana Application Form, Eligibility (patrata) are given here on this page. Also go through the given Links & Check the Important For this Yoijna.

राज्यातील पर्जन्यावर आधारित कोरडवाहू शेतीसाठी पाणलोट व जलसंवर्धन माध्यमातून जलसिंचनाची उपलब्धता वाढविणे तसेच संरक्षित व शाश्वत सिंचनाची सुविधा निर्माण करण्यासाठी मा. मुख्यमंत्री महोदयांनी उपरोक्त परिस्थितीचा सारासार विचार करुन हिवाळी अधिवेशनात नागपूर येथे “ मागेल त्याला शेततळे ” ही योजना जाहीर केली.


Magel Tyala Shet Male 2017

How to Apply For scholarship

How to Apply For scholarship is then new portal For online applications of Maharashtra scholarship Yojna 2017. This new website is single platform for All the scholarship Yojna of Maharashtra State including Pre matric & Post Matric scholarship / Shishyvrutti Yojna 2017 – 2018.

अर्ज़ कसा करावा या साथी खालील व्हिडिओ बघावा अथवा PDF मधील माहिती वाचावी!


For More Details Please Click Here

Shravan Bal Yojna Details, Application Form & Required Documents

Shravan Bal Yojna Details, Application Form & Required Documents

Shravan Bal Yojna Details, Application Form & Required Documents list is given below. Candidates should check his/her eligibility from following Details. This Scheme is specially for Senior citizen above 65 years.

श्रावण बाळ योजनेबद्दल विस्तृत माहिती व आवश्यक कागदपत्रा विषयी माहिती खाली दिलेली आहे. 

Shravan Bal Yojna Details

Shravan Bal Seva Rajya Nivrutti Vetan Yojna

Aim :-

To provide monthly pension to destitute aged persons.

Eligibility Criteria For This Scheme  :-

Destitute aged persons of 65 years and above
Annual family income upto Rs. 21,000/- or persons belonging to Below Poverty Line family.
Persons should be the resident of state for 15 years.

Financial Assistance :-

Pension amount of Rs.600/- per month for beneficiary with annual family income upto Rs.21,000/-
Pension amount of Rs.400/- per month for beneficiary belonging to BPL family + Rs. 200 per month from Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme.

List Documents Required :-

  • Application Form
  • Certificate of Residence
  • Certificate of Age
  • Certificate of Income / Proof of Below Poverty Line family.

Contact :-

Tahsildar, Sanjay Gandhi Yojana of the respective taluka.

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