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RTE Admission Problems

RTE Admission Problems 2019

Due to Google Map, admission from Right to Education does need to face problems. Students who took admission to various schools having 25% RTE reserve quota. Google map application is creating problems.

Since 10th February 2019 online applications for admission for RTE has started for this parents started to fill the online applications forms. The online applications started for various districts. While applying online applicants have to go through official website This online applications website asks for distance between school & leaving place which using Google Map applications to calculate the require distance. As per the guidance parents fill their application forms. Google Map provide the require distance from any place how far is the school. On 13th February 2018 & on 14th February 2018, Google Map fail to show the available schools, which results into parents are unable to fill their applications. For this years parents has choice of selecting any school from nearby place from 10 schools. Parents have to choose any schools from radius of half kilometer from their place, & Google was unable to show this information. Due to this parents are facing problems for choosing the schools & parents are unable to proceed further their applications.

RTE Admission Problems

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