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Maratha Aarakshan Hearing

maratha reservation hearing adjourned hearing scheduled in January

Maharashtra Mega recruitment process, Maharashtra reservation petitions was filled months ago. Still the final result on this petitions yet to be declared by the high court. Supreme Courts newly form Chief Justice Shard Bobde orders to the collect all the petitions filed for the reservation. It is because to declared the final result on the verdict of the maratha reservation.

maratha reservation hearing adjourned hearing scheduled in January

Previously high court postponed the final decision on Maharashtra reservation due to lack of evidences. Therefore the Maharashtra mega recruitment process was not yet to be complete. Since last some years in Government sectors there are so many vacancy seats. For recruitment process the recruitment has started. These vacant seats will get filled until the last order of the government.

Maratha Aarakshan Approved

Regarding Maratha reservation final hearing will be on 6th February 2019. Till then applicants who got selected for the posts will not appointed until the final decision was made on it. Though the recruitment process may continue as per the new rules. But the selected applicants will not get the appointed letter, as decision of this made in the hearing. To appoint the eligible applicants for the selected post, should be on hold until the final decision regarding the reservation of this made.

Maratha Arakshan

The Maratha Aarakshan is Approved Now, All the details & latest updates about this Mega News are given below.

नोकर भरतीत मराठा समाजाला संधी मिळणार

Maharashtra Mega Bharti marathi Benifits

Maratha Aarakshan Vidheyak manjur

आता आंदोलन नको, 1 डिसेंबरला जल्लोष करा,’ मुख्यमंत्री देवेंद्र फडणवीस यांचं हे आश्वासन प्रत्यक्षात येत असल्याचं चित्र आहे. कारण विरोधकांनी मराठा आरक्षण विधेयकाला एकमताने पाठिंबा दिल्याने, कोणत्याही चर्चेशिवाय मराठा आरक्षण विधेयक विधीमंडळात मंजूर झालं आहे.

Maratha Aarakshan New update

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