Panchvati Yojna Gujarat

Panchvati Yojna Gujarat

Panchvati Yojna is to develop parks and gardens in the village with necessary facilities and implements of joy and amusement. In ancient times, there was a place named Panchavati where Shri Ramchandre used to lived in the forest. He has grown grove surrounding his cottage, so that air in the village will be purified. Nature seems by fragrant groves may cool our eyes. Greenary every where. It seemed as it the earth has green saree.


The State Govt has implemented Panchavati Yojana in the entire State with a view to maintain faith in traditional cultural heritage. As planned to create awareness in the peoples to make planting trees & afforestation near the residential areas of the village. So that village children may took innocent joy in swings in the shadows of trees and environment.

  • Panchvati Yojna Gujarat aims for to construct such places where senior citizens of the village may sit peacefully.
  • For people can spend their time leisurely in the late evening and the women can spend their time peacefully with their children.
  • Also pippal, Banyan, Harde, Ashok and various fruit-bearing trees and creepers are to be grown, so that faith towards traditional cultural heritage is maintained.

Structure of the Scheme:

  • Panchvati Yojna Gujarat scheme popular contribution shall be Rs.50,000.
  • The entrance should be decorated. Arrangement should be made for surrounding fencing.
  • Tourist places near big village or municipal areas of the villages having population exceeding 5000 shall be given priority.
  • Facility of “walking track” shall be made to walk on
  • Proper arrangement of lighting & for solar lighting is desirable.
  • If there is village pond near by then boating and necessary facilities may be developed for it.
  • If there is village pond near by then boating and necessary facilities may be developed for it.

How to improve Panchavati Yojna?

  • About 1000 sq.meter areas of land should be reserved tress may be planted surrounding village school also should be grown in waste-land near the village.
  • Benches & fountain should be kept with in the area to make such places more attractive. Fruit bearing trees like mango trees, jambudi, chikoo, rayans may also be plant to increase attractiveness,
  • Dung hills should be removed from the village, land should be leveled and trees like Banyan trees, Pippal trees, Aropalev, Harde, Gulmoher and other types of trees, various types of gripers may also be planted.
  • Land may be examined and trees suitable to the land should be grown.
  • It is necessary to have walk-track in the garden, where people come to walk. It is necessary to have facilities for physical exercises, yoga etc.

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