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Shravan Bal Yojna Details, Application Form & Required Documents

Shravan Bal Yojna Details, Application Form & Required Documents

Shravan Bal Yojna Details, Application Form & Required Documents list is given below. Candidates should check his/her eligibility from following Details. This Scheme is specially for Senior citizen above 65 years.

श्रावण बाळ योजनेबद्दल विस्तृत माहिती व आवश्यक कागदपत्रा विषयी माहिती खाली दिलेली आहे. 

Shravan Bal Yojna Details

Shravan Bal Seva Rajya Nivrutti Vetan Yojna

Aim :-

To provide monthly pension to destitute aged persons.

Eligibility Criteria For This Scheme  :-

Destitute aged persons of 65 years and above
Annual family income upto Rs. 21,000/- or persons belonging to Below Poverty Line family.
Persons should be the resident of state for 15 years.

Financial Assistance :-

Pension amount of Rs.600/- per month for beneficiary with annual family income upto Rs.21,000/-
Pension amount of Rs.400/- per month for beneficiary belonging to BPL family + Rs. 200 per month from Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme.

List Documents Required :-

  • Application Form
  • Certificate of Residence
  • Certificate of Age
  • Certificate of Income / Proof of Below Poverty Line family.

Contact :-

Tahsildar, Sanjay Gandhi Yojana of the respective taluka.

  1. Pawan Kumar Rathod says

    Sanjay Gandhi yojna will feel the sinior citizens son
    This is great yojna for below poverty line olders

  2. Janrao Idpachi says

    Hello sir i m a social worker and i need a information about that why are pension scheme closed of shravan bal yojana

  3. Parvatabai shankar badhe says

    Parvatabai Badhe Mla pensan 5 te 6 mhinya pasun band jhale aahe aadhar submit fail dili aahe 2 mhinya pasun Mla pensan yojnecha labha yayla pahije soi parvatabai Badhe

  4. gaurav balpande says

    how i can apply for thise yojna

  5. Ganesh khaiee says

    how to online apply this form

  6. amit pethkar gangadhkar says

    amit pethkar

  7. Samartha says

    It’s about 7 months after applying for this scheme but no any reply or no any updates till a date !!??

  8. hritik says

    how we apply …???

    1. kirankumar meshram says

      how to online apply this form

  9. Arun says

    How i can aplly for thise yojna

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