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Swadhar, Ujwala Yojana Details

Swadhar, Ujwala Yojana Details

To sporting victimized womens & for their rehabilitation central government has started Swadhargruh Yojana & Ujwala Yojana. These schemes has started to provide victimized women’s financial help. By this the women working in the Mahila & balvikas area such women’s are suggest to fill up the difficulties arise in their institutes. Institutes which have to submit their applications can submit their applications till 12th December 2018 to office of the district mahila & balkalyan officer.

The scheme envisions a supportive institutional framework for women victims of difficult circumstances so that they could lead their life with dignity and conviction. It envisages that shelter, food, clothing, and health as well as economic and social security are assured for such women. It also envisions that the special needs of these women are properly taken care of and under no circumstances they should be left unattended or abandoned which could lead to their exploitation and desolation.

Swadhar, Ujwala Yojana Details

Swadhar, Ujwala Yojana Details The objectives cited above would be pursued adopting the following strategies:

  1. Temporary residential accommodation with the provision of food, clothing, medical facilities etc.
  2. Vocational and skill up gradation trainings for economic rehabilitation of such women
  3. Counseling, awareness generation and behavioral trainings
  4. Legal aid and Guidance
  5. Counseling through telephone.

Swadhar, Ujwala Yojana Details Benefits :

  1. Women who are deserted and are without any social and economic support;
  2. Women survivors of natural disasters who have been rendered homeless and are without any social and economic support;
  3. Women prisoners released from jail and are without family, social and economic support;
  4. Women victims of domestic violence, family tension or discord, who are made to leave their homes without any means of subsistence and have no special protection from exploitation and/ or facing litigation on account of marital disputes; and
  5. Trafficked women/girls rescued or runaway from brothels or other places where they face exploitation and Women affected by HIV/AIDS who do not have any social or economic support. However such women/ girls should first seek assistance under UJJAWALA Scheme in areas where it is in operation.
  • To prevent trafficking of women and children for commercial sexual exploitation through social mobilization and involvement of local communities, awareness generation programmes, generate public discourse through workshops/seminars and such events and any other innovative activity.
  • To facilitate rescue of victims from the place of their exploitation and place them in safe custody.
  • To provide rehabilitation services both immediate and long-term to the victims by providing basic amenities/ needs such as shelter, food, clothing, medical treatment including counselling, legal aid and guidance and vocational training.
  • To facilitate reintegration of the victims into the family and society at large To facilitate repatriation of cross-border victims to their country of origin.

This Scheme will be implemented as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme through States at 60:40 cost sharing ratio except in case of North Eastern State, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir where the share of Centre and State will be in the ratio of 90:10. In the case of UTs, the Government will provide 100% assistance. The Central Share will be approximately Rs 100 crores for the year 2017-18

Swadhar Yojana Details :

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