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Important topics to crack SBI PO Prelims & Mains exams

Important topics to crack SBI PO Prelims & Mains exams

topics to crack SBI PO Prelims & Mains exams

Which topics are important to crack SBI PO Prelims & Mains exams

Important topics to crack SBI PO Prelims & Mains exams are given on thia page. So, As you know, SBI PO prelims exam will start from 1st July 2018. Even if you want to prepare all the topics for SBI PO, proper knowledge and attention to certain topics will definitely boost your score in this exam, especially if you are a new candidate. In this article, we will present you with the topics which are important for both Prelims and Mains exams along with some tips.


Important topics of Reasoning for SBI PO Exam

Judging by the previous years’ trends, you may find some variations in the pattern and difficulty level of the of the questions. But the following topics are asked most frequently. For SBI PO Prelims, one should also focus on Number Series, Simplification/ Approximation and Quadratic Equations.


(i) Puzzles and sitting arrangement: This is the most important topic in reasoning section. In these questions, some variables/constants like months/colors/floors etc. and their relationship with other entities likes persons etc. is provided in the form of jumbled sentences. One must read all the sentences carefully, then collect, arrange and link the information in correct order to arrive at the final solution. In the process of solving the question, a situation may arise when you get more than one possibilities. But in most of the cases, these possibilities will cancel out as you filter out the relevant information and only the final solution will remain in the end. It is very important that you try all the possibilities as only one of them will lead you to the final solution.


(ii) Coding/Decoding: It involves determining the code of a particular word by canceling out the common words. For example, if “grade up” is coded as- “pe fe”, “rise up” is coded as- “de fe”. Then the code for “grade” will be “pe”.

However, in order to increase the difficulty level of exams, the makers have made a variation in the pattern, lately. In the new pattern of questions, there will no common words. The same logic is applied to code all the words and we have to find that logic in order to answer the question.


(iii) Syllogism. This is one of the easiest topics in reasoning if you know some rules. It involves determining a relationship between different entities using a Venn diagram. Make sure you prepare for the new pattern questions like reverse syllogisms or finding the conclusion which logically does not follows etc.


(iv) Inequalities: Also, one of the easiest topics, mathematical symbol (<, >, = etc.) are used to represent and determine the relationship between two or more entities.


(v) Data Sufficiency: We have to find a particular combination of information sufficient to answer the question. Don’t waste your time in arriving at the solution.


(vi) Direction Based: These questions are based on a person moving in two-dimensional space and following different direction. It is important that you draw a correct diagram as most of the candidates gets confused between left and right or east and west.


 (vii) Blood relation: In these questions, we have to determine the relationship between family members. It is important that you develop a particular symbol of your choice and convenience to represent the male, female, married couples, brother-sister etc.


  • In reasoning, especially puzzles, it is important to read the sentences carefully, a slight error in reading will lead you to many wrong answers and you will end up losing more marks due to negative marking.


Important Topics of Quantitative Aptitude for SBI PO Exam:


(i) Data Interpretation: It is the most important topic in the quant section. In these questions, some data is provided in a tabular/graphical form, and we have to use it along with some basic formulas to answer the question. It is important to use approximation and option elimination technique in order to solve these questions quickly. A good calculation speed will also be advantageous.


(ii) Data Sufficiency: In this question, information is given in the form of statements. A combination of some of these statements may be sufficient to answer the question. You can also use to the formula for the variable in question and see if all the parameters are provided in the statement You don’t need to find out the solution.

The above-mentioned topics are especially important for the mains exam of SBI PO.


Besides these, questions are also asked on the high school mathematics topics, with a higher difficulty level. Some of the important topics are Average, Profit and loss, percentage, ratio, mixtures and alligations, simple and compound interest, partnership. It is important to remember a few formulas which will help you in saving time. But do not pay much attention to shortcut methods and tricks just before the examination. These short ticks require a lot of practice.


  • In this section don’t waste time on searching for the right question, because most of the questions are independent. For example, even in data interpretation, you can answer one or two from the given set of five questions.


Important Topics of English for SBI PO Exam:

Reading Comprehension: It involves reading a passage and answer the questions based on that. You can use an app called speed reader to increase your reading speed. If you don’t have much time left in the examination to read the entire passage you can also read the questions before moving on to the passage and look for keywords related to the questions.


Spotting the errors/Sentence Improvement:

It involves finding out spelling or grammatical errors in a particular sentence. You should be aware of all the rules of the grammar in order to attempt these questions. A book called “Mirror of common errors” is very useful for this purpose.


Cloze test: It involves filling up the blanks in the statement of a passage with a word, which is not only grammatically correct but also matches the theme of the passage.


Para jumbles: In this question, a group of jumbled statements is provided, and we have to arrange them in such a way that a meaningful paragraph can be formed. You should have the grammatical skills in order to solve these questions. Understanding the theme of the passage is also helpful in solving these questions.

Don’t attempt this question unless you are able to determine the first two sentences of the paragraph, as this can lead you to five wrong answers.


  • While attempting reasoning and English section during the examination, you should start with those questions which are independent/less time-consuming. For example, attempting a puzzle, in the beginning, may cause panic, if you took too much time or if you were unable to find the solution.
  • During your preparation stages, make sure you solve a new pattern question without looking at the solution. This strategy will prepare you for any pattern changes in the examination.


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