German Healthcare System

German Healthcare System

The healthcare system in Germany is considered to be the best in whole of the world. There are many options and the coverage is also huge. People of Germany get to choose from a wide variety of options and they can make their choice according to their economic capability. Various insurance plans are available where different packages are involved, people have the option to choose accordingly. Different insurance packages cover different diseases, are of various amount and pay differently when required. This wide variety makes healthcare very easy and affordable for the residents of Germany, making Germany the country with best healthcare facilities. Hence, students are inclined towards doing MBBS in Germany.

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आज प्रकाशित झालेल्या न्युज, प्रवेश पत्र, निकाल इ.

सर्व सरकारी योजना, लाभ, अर्ज आणि कागतपत्रांची यादी

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महाराष्ट्रातील सर्व सरकारी जॉब्स, निकाल, परीक्षेचे वेळापत्रक मोबाईलॲप डाउनलोड करा..!

Everyone who plans to visit Germany must know that health insurance is a must there. Even if one is a student, worker or scientist from another country doesn’t matters. If one wants to go to Germany, he has to buy a health insurance or he won’t be aloowed to enter Germany. Even if one wants to visit Germany for a very short duration, he has to buy a health insurance. At the same time the good thing is that one does not necessarily needs a German insurance. Germany has signed agreements with several countries so that the citizens of these countries can enter Germany without any obligation.

Germany believes in solidarity. People who bear the public health care insurance receive same treatment and care irrespective of their social, financial or economic status. There is a common fund on basis of income and that is used for the treatment of people. Hence, the health care system is much advanced and provides proper and similar treatment to all. The whole health care system runs in a unique and well organized way. The proceedings may seem confusing to some in the initial days but eventually they will get used to it and understand the procedures.

Health care in Germany is not as cheap as it used to be. This might be due to increase in the prices of medicines, treatment and medical equipments. However, the cost of the health care insurance is not similar for everyone. It depends on the income of the people of Germany and also the location where they live. It varies from person to person depending on the area they live and the money they make.

If a person in Germany earns 5063 a month then it is mandatory for him to get a health insurance. Any person who earns less than this is bound to pay the same premier for health care insurance. If a person earns more than this then he has to pay 14.6% of his total income and the company providing health care insurance is entitled to charge 0.9% extra if they want. Whatever a person earns, a percentage of it has to be given as health care insurance and the amount is to be paid both by the employee and the employer equally. The more a person earns, the more he has to pay. If the highest limit of medical insurance is reached then he won’t be charged any extra amount.

After a limit, a person can choose to have private health insurance, also people who are working as part-time workers in private firms, civil workers and so on can choose to have insurance from any private company. In case of private insurance one can choose what all features they want to cover, package they want to take and money they can afford to pay. They can choose according to their choice and medical plans. Also, nursing care insurance are mandatory in Germany. Similarly like health care insurance, 3.05% of of gross salary is to be paid as nursing insurance if one has kids and if one does not have kids then he has to pay 3.33% as nursing insurance.

Thus, the insurance that one has to pay depends largely on the income of an individual. It covers several medical needs of a person and most of the medical needs are involved within the package for the convenience of the people. To increase social welfare and general health conditions in the country these steps were taken up. Medical facilities are becoming expensive day by day, this insurance policy makes medicine and treatments affordable for all.

Qualification Wise Jobs:- शैक्षणिक अहर्तेनुसार जॉब्स शोधा

✅ १०वी पास उमदेवारांसाठी जॉब्स (10th Pass Jobs) १२वी पास उमदेवारांसाठी जॉब्स (12th Pass Jobs)
बँक जॉब्स (Bank Jobs) सरंक्षण विभागात नोकरी (Jobs in Defence)
इंजिनियर जॉब्स (अभियंता) (Engineers Jobs) फ्रेशर्स जॉब्स (Jobs For Freshers)
सरकारी जॉब्स (Government Jobs) आयटीआय पास उमेदवारांसाठी जॉब्स (ITI Jobs)
पॉलिटेक्निक पास उमेदवारांसाठी जॉब्स (Poly Jobs) प्रायव्हेट जॉब्स (Private Jobs)
मेडिकल स्टाफ जॉब्स (Medical Jobs) MBA पास उमेदवारांसाठी जॉब्स (MBA Jobs)
ग्रॅजुएट उमेदवारांसाठी जॉब्स (Graduate Jobs) पोस्ट ग्रॅजुएट उमेदवारांसाठी जॉब्स (PG Jobs)
रेल्वे जॉब्स (Railway Jobs) स्कुल जॉब्स (School Jobs)
टीचर्स जॉब्स (Teachers Jobs)

District Wise Jobs:- जिल्ह्याप्रमाणे जॉब्स शोधा

✅ अहमदनगर (Jobs in Ahmednagar) अकोला (Jobs in Akola)
अमरावती (Jobs in Amravati) औरंगाबाद (Jobs in Aurangabad)
बीड (Jobs in Beed) भंडारा (Jobs in Bhandara)
बुलढाणा (Jobs in Buldhana) चंद्रपूर (Jobs in Chandrapur)
धुळे (Jobs in Dhule) गडचिरोली (Jobs in Gadchiroli)
गोंदिया (Jobs in Gondia) हिंगोली (Jobs in Hingoli)
जळगाव (Jobs in Jalgaon) जालना (Jobs in Jalna)
कोल्हापूर (Jobs in Kolhapur) लातूर (Jobs in Latur)
मुंबई (Jobs in Mumbai) नागपूर (Jobs in Nagpur)
नांदेड (Jobs in Nanded) नंदुरबार (Jobs in Nandurbar)
नाशिक (Jobs in Nashik) उस्मानाबाद (Jobs in Osmanabad)
परभणी (Jobs in Parbhani) पुणे (Jobs in Pune)
पालघर (Jobs in Palghar) रत्नागिरी (Jobs in Ratnagiri)
✅ रायगड (Job in Raigad) सातारा (Jobs in Satara)
सिंधुदुर्ग (Jobs in Sindhudurg) सोलापूर (Jobs in Solapur)
सांगली (Jobs in Sangli) ठाणे (Jobs in Thane)
वर्धा (Jobs in Wardha) वाशीम (Jobs in Washim)
यवतमाळ (Jobs in Yavatamal)
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