Tour of Duty Scheme-लष्कराची नवीन योजना! आता 3 ते 5 वर्षांसाठी भर्ती होऊ शकतात तरुण

Tour of Duty Scheme Indian Army

Indian Army Tour of Duty Scheme: Tour of Duty for Youth in Indian Army may be announced soon. Under this, youth can be recruited in the army for a limited period of time. According to sources, at present, short-term service of 3 to 5 years may be proposed in the Army. Officers or soldiers can continue their service after this limitation if they wish. Read more details as given below.

Indian Army Tour of Duty Scheme : भारतीय लष्करात तरुणांसाठी टूर ऑफ ड्यूटी लवकरच जाहीर होऊ शकते. याअंतर्गत मर्यादित काळासाठी तरुणांना सैन्यात भरती करता येते. सूत्रांकडून मिळालेल्या माहितीनुसार, सध्या लष्करात 3 ते 5 वर्षांसाठी अल्पकालीन सेवा देण्याचा प्रस्ताव आणला जाऊ शकतो. या मर्यादेनंतर अधिकारी किंवा सैनिक इच्छित असल्यास त्यांची सेवा सुरू ठेवू शकतात. याआधी टूर ऑफ ड्यूटी प्रकारात केवळ अधिकाऱ्यांचा समावेश करण्याचा प्रस्ताव होता, मात्र आता अधिकाऱ्यांच्या जागी सैनिकांचाही समावेश करण्यात येणार आहे.

  • सूत्रांनी दिलेल्या माहितीनुसार, 3 ते 5 वर्षांच्या सेवेसाठी आवश्यक प्रक्रिया लवकरच सुरू केली जाणार आहे. याला लवकरच सर्वोच्च नेतृत्वाकडून हिरवा कंदील मिळेल. लष्करात अल्पकालीन सेवेची गरज भासत आहे, कारण सध्या तिन्ही सेवा दलांमध्ये 1,25,364 पदे रिक्त आहेत.
  • ही योजना लष्करप्रमुख जनरल एमएम नरवणे यांनी 2020 मध्ये आणली होती. नुकतेच संरक्षण मंत्रालयात याबाबत एक ब्रीफिंग झाले आहे. या व्यवस्थेअंतर्गत, 3 किंवा 5 वर्षे सेवा पूर्ण केल्यानंतर, सैन्यदलातील तरुणांना इतर सेवांमध्ये भरती होण्यासाठी मदत केली जाईल.
  • त्यांना रोजगाराच्या संधी उपलब्ध करून दिल्या जातील. अशा तरुणांना कॉर्पोरेट जगतात चांगली मागणी असावी, यासाठी लष्कर योजना आखत आहे. कॉर्पोरेट जगतात त्यांची मागणी कायम राहावी, यासाठी प्रशिक्षणादरम्यान लष्कर त्यांना धडे देणार असल्याचे समजते.
  • त्या जवानांना टूर ऑफ ड्यूटी दौऱ्यात नेले जाईल. ही योजना लागू केल्यास लष्कराची आर्थिक आघाडीवर मोठी बचत होणार आहे. काही विद्यार्थ्यांना 20 वर्षे सैन्यात ठेवले जाते. अशा विद्यार्थ्यांना लष्कराकडून प्रत्येक सुविधा उपलब्ध होणार आहेत.

What is a Tour of Duty?

  • Meaning: It means hiring a youth in the armed forces for a short span of 3-5 years.
  • The idea of hiring jawans on a three-year contract was first floated in 2020.
    • The idea was the brainchild of late Chief of Defence Staff, General Bipin Rawat.
  • The Indian Army will be the first of the three armed forces to recruit some soldiers for a fixed period of three years.
  • Around 25% of them would serve in the Army for three years and 25% troops would serve for five years.
    • The remaining 50% would continue to serve in the Army for the full term till they reach their retirement age.
  • Proposal states that 50% of soldiers released at the end of three and five years will be included in the National Pension Scheme.
    • Such soldiers will be given certain medical benefits, applicable to Armed Forces veterans, for a fixed period.


  • It started during World War II when the British realized that they needed far more officers than those who could be commissioned from either Sandhurst or the JSW (Joint Services Wing).
  • These officers came on a contract for five-10 years and could be later converted to a permanent commission.
    • This was done till the end of World War II.
  • In 1962 during the Indo-China War, the Emergency Commission was reopened and based on the increasing requirement of the officers, Officers Training School (OTS) in Chennai was opened, which granted short-service commissions to five-10 years.

Models for recruitment

  • The Army is considering two different models for recruitment in the future:
    • One under which youth can voluntarily serve in the Army for a temporary period of three years, and
    • The other where they are recruited by Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs), trained and posted in the Army for about seven years, before being transferred back.
  • The first model, of three years’ service, is called ‘Tour of Duty’, while the other is called ‘Inverse Induction’.
  • Currently, the only option apart from regular permanent commission into the armed forces is the short service commission, in which officers are recruited for a period of 14 years.

Significance of this move

  • Reduction in defence pensions: It is a move towards reducing the burgeoning pension bill as well as revenue expenditure in terms of salaries and other costs.
    • The cost of a jawan, with his training and other expenses, would come down to Rs 80-85 lakh, which would help in releasing funds for military modernisation.
  • Plugging shortages: The defence establishment is hoping that the Tour of Duty scheme will help in resolving the issue of lack of manpower in the Indian Army.
    • This is significant in the current climate where the nation is facing a serious threat from China as well as Pakistan at the borders.
  • Attractive and prime recruit: A young man who would retire as a ToD jawan would be a very attractive and prime recruit for the government sector and corporates.
  • Technology Up gradation: Students from prestigious institutes like IITs who are highly technical will be attracted to the Army for a short period to help them expand the technology in the Army.
  • It is an opportunity for India’s youth: to experience military life without having to join the armed forces on a long-term basis.


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