Preparation Strategy for CLAT 2020 Exam

Scoring a good percentile in CLAT is a challenging task for Class 12th students. Preparing for their Class 12th class boards as well as CLAT makes this whole process little clumsy. Thus, in this article, we would be sharing the preparation strategy for CLAT and also give some important tips to crack CLAT 2020 exam. 

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आज प्रकाशित झालेल्या न्युज, प्रवेश पत्र, निकाल इ.

सर्व सरकारी योजना, लाभ, अर्ज आणि कागतपत्रांची यादी

टेलीग्राम चॅनल जॉईन करा!

महाराष्ट्रातील सर्व सरकारी जॉब्स, निकाल, परीक्षेचे वेळापत्रक मोबाईलॲप डाउनलोड करा..!

If the candidate is focused and hard-working, he can easily score a good percentile and take admission in one of the good Law Colleges. Now, you must be thinking “what about the other students”?

So, this article is for the students who can prepare online for the upcoming CLAT 2020 exam. It is advised that the students make the best use of this lockdown period and take up courses for CLAT preparation online as they have a lot of time right now and they also can’t go out for the same.

Preparation Tips for CLAT 

Preparing for any competitive examination without proper guidance is a tough task. It does not matter if you have someone at home to guide you or you buy all the right books. There has to be a proper strategy that every student needs to follow. 

So if you are thinking about how to crack CLAT without any coaching, we would suggest you take CLAT preparation online. This will not only save you from wasting time but also help in scoring a high percentile and hence admission to a good Law College. 

So, if you are wondering how to prepare for CLAT or how to crack CLAT, stop worrying and look forward to preparation tips for CLAT.

Tip 1: Know the exam pattern. 

  • It is very important for the students to know and understand the exam pattern well as they are appearing for this type of competitive exam the first time ever. 
  • The exam is basically divided into four sections which consist of English, Mathematics, General Knowledge, and Logical Reasoning. 
  • There used to be a legal section in the examination before but now this section has been removed. 
  • Some legal questions are asked in the form of current affairs or paragraph writing in English. 
  • Thus, students need to focus on the four subjects and ace their preparation to crack CLAT entrance exam.


English is a very important subject for students who want to pursue a career in Law. This section has to be read very carefully. The section consists of questions from vocabulary, grammar as well as reading comprehension. 

The student is recommended to practice a lot of grammar questions and read a lot of books and listen to English news to increase their vocabulary. While taking CLAT preparation online they can also register for mock tests where they can test their speed and accuracy of answering and solving questions. 

Students should make a habit to learn 10 new words daily. This will not only increase your vocabulary but also help them write summaries, which is again a very important topic for the English section.


If candidates are wondering how to prepare for CLAT Mathematics section, the answer is simple. Practice and practice a lot! The students should thoroughly practice all topics of Mathematics NCERT from Class 7 to Class 10. 

Once you have completed the entire syllabus, they need to revise and practice previous year question papers or if they are taking CLAT preparation online, they can take up mock tests to know the types of questions and difficulty level of the questions.

General Knowledge

This is a part that is the most difficult to prepare but the easiest to score if you know the answers. One of the most common preparation tips for CLAT includes reading newspapers and magazines regularly. This tip is going to be very helpful for the preparation of the General Knowledge section. 

This section can have questions regarding politics, law, economy, geography, science, and basically anything under the Sun. Student needs to be careful about any new law passed or amendment made recently as these topics are very important for the General Knowledge section. The students have to be attentive and read this section themselves as no particular books or coaching is available for the same.

Logical Reasoning

This part is the most tricky one as the students will be facing these types of questions for the first time. The students taking CLAT preparation online should clear their concepts well and try to practice often by taking regular mock tests. The logical thinking capability of students is tested here and hence they should improve their thinking skills to perform well in this section. 

The students should form their own strategies to solve these questions as this depends on the thinking capability of their own. They can refer to good books and videos to learn the tricks and apply them in their everyday practice.

Tip 2: Appear for Mock tests. 

Appearing for mock tests regularly helps the students in more than one way. 

  • You can understand the exam pattern, difficulty level of questions, and types of questions need to be practised. 
  • You can judge yourself by knowing their shortcomings and weaknesses. 
  • Taking up regular mock tests can also help the candidates in increasing their speed and accuracy. 

Tip 3: Take help from experts.

  • Taking help is very essential because cracking a competitive exam without proper guidance is a very tough task. 
  • If you have someone in your family who can help you in any of the subjects, take their help whenever you get stuck. 
  • This is another reason why candidates should opt for CLAT preparation online. They can get professional guidance from experts from the comfort of their homes.
  • Clearing the concepts is very essential and if you need to take help for the same, you can.


We hope this article cleared all your doubts regarding how to prepare for CLAT or how to crack CLAT. We also hope that the preparation tips for CLAT were helpful and you would be definitely using them to score high percentile and get into good colleges. If you are taking CLAT preparation online, do not forget to brush the concepts regularly and take up mock tests.

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इंजिनियर जॉब्स (अभियंता) (Engineers Jobs) फ्रेशर्स जॉब्स (Jobs For Freshers)
सरकारी जॉब्स (Government Jobs) आयटीआय पास उमेदवारांसाठी जॉब्स (ITI Jobs)
पॉलिटेक्निक पास उमेदवारांसाठी जॉब्स (Poly Jobs) प्रायव्हेट जॉब्स (Private Jobs)
मेडिकल स्टाफ जॉब्स (Medical Jobs) MBA पास उमेदवारांसाठी जॉब्स (MBA Jobs)
ग्रॅजुएट उमेदवारांसाठी जॉब्स (Graduate Jobs) पोस्ट ग्रॅजुएट उमेदवारांसाठी जॉब्स (PG Jobs)
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District Wise Jobs:- जिल्ह्याप्रमाणे जॉब्स शोधा

✅ अहमदनगर (Jobs in Ahmednagar) अकोला (Jobs in Akola)
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बुलढाणा (Jobs in Buldhana) चंद्रपूर (Jobs in Chandrapur)
धुळे (Jobs in Dhule) गडचिरोली (Jobs in Gadchiroli)
गोंदिया (Jobs in Gondia) हिंगोली (Jobs in Hingoli)
जळगाव (Jobs in Jalgaon) जालना (Jobs in Jalna)
कोल्हापूर (Jobs in Kolhapur) लातूर (Jobs in Latur)
मुंबई (Jobs in Mumbai) नागपूर (Jobs in Nagpur)
नांदेड (Jobs in Nanded) नंदुरबार (Jobs in Nandurbar)
नाशिक (Jobs in Nashik) उस्मानाबाद (Jobs in Osmanabad)
परभणी (Jobs in Parbhani) पुणे (Jobs in Pune)
पालघर (Jobs in Palghar) रत्नागिरी (Jobs in Ratnagiri)
✅ रायगड (Job in Raigad) सातारा (Jobs in Satara)
सिंधुदुर्ग (Jobs in Sindhudurg) सोलापूर (Jobs in Solapur)
सांगली (Jobs in Sangli) ठाणे (Jobs in Thane)
वर्धा (Jobs in Wardha) वाशीम (Jobs in Washim)
यवतमाळ (Jobs in Yavatamal)
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