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ZP Bharti Exam Syllabus 2019

ZP Bharti Syllabus 2019

ZP Bharti 2019 Syllabus PDF is given For downloading. The ZP bharti is expected Soon. Large Number of candidates from all over Maharashtra will apply For this bharti process. The online applications are expected soon. The Syllabus is given for downloading. You can download the PDF files from given links.

ZP Bharti 2019 Syllabus is now available here to download. Applicants who applied for the recruitment to various posts in ZP Bharti 2019 can now check the examinations syllabus for this recruitment process by using following link :

ZP Bharti 2019 Exam Syllabus :

ZP Bharti 2019 recruitment process carries written examination. Further the applicants will be shortlists from marks obtain in the written examinations for further selection process. Details of the syllabus for the recruitment process can be check from following link : –

  • Written examinations will be for 200 marks
  • Applicants who score 455 marks in the examinations will be shortlists for the examination
  • For recruitment to Pharmacist, Laboratory Technician, Civil Engineering Assistant post examinations will be conduct in English medium Details of this examinations is as given below: –

ZP Bharti 2019 Syllabus :

ZP Bharti 2019

  1. General English- 30 Marks
  2. Marathi- 30 Marks
  3. General Knowledge- 30 Marks
  4. Intelligence Test- 30 Marks
  5. Agriculture/Statistics- 80 marks

Marathi Language :

  • अलंकार:-अर्थ्ाांतरण्यास,उत्प्रेक्षा ,भ्ांतीमान ,व्यक्तिरेक ,अनन्वय ,स्वभावोिी
  • वृत्त :- ओवी ,नववधू,भुजंगप्रयात ,पादाकु लक ,अभंग ,वसंतततलका
  • वाक्यरूपांतर :- के वल ,संयुि ,तमश्र
  • प्रयोग :- कततरी ,कमतणी ,भावे वाक्यप्रचारवम्हणी
  • ई ) समास _ मध्यमपदलोपी ,कमतधारय ,तवभिीतत्पुरुषद्वंनवद ( समाहार ,इतरेतर , वैकतलतपक ), सहबहुव्रीही
  • ड )काळ :- सवत(स्थुलस्वरूपाचापररचय)

English Language :

  • Similar Word, Opposite Word, Common Vocabulary, Sentence Structure
  • Use of Idioms and phrases & their meaning and comprehension of passage.
  • Sentence Conversion: Simple, Compound & Complex Sentences
  • Grammatical Voices – Active, Passive, & Imperatives sentences
  • Phrases & Proverbial Sayings
  • Compound- Determinative, Appositional, Numeral, Attributive, Copulative, Adverbial
  • Tense –All, (Present/Past/Future)(Simple/Continuous/perfect/perfect continuous)

General knowledge

  • General knowledge related topics include Maharashtra’s history, work of social reformers in Maharashtra, Indian State(Political) System, Rural Development Administration, Geography, Science, and Engineering, Department of Agriculture, Economics, Agriculture, Sports, Cultural Events, Global, Current Affairs in India and the State, etc.

Intelligent Test : 

  • Intelligence test-related factors include the difference in number series, number series, alphabetical series, and alphanumerical series, numeric characters and words incompatibilities, numbers, letters and word discrepancies, encoding, disambiguation, logical figures, vein figures, relationships, mathematical rationality, logical explanation of details, direction etc.


ZP Bharti Syllabus Download

ZP Bharti 2019 old Paper Set

ZP Recruitment 2019 updates on 3rd March 2019

ZP Syllabus 2019

Selection Process for ZP Bharti 2019

  • Written Examination For ZP Bharti 2019.
  • Personal Interview For ZP Recruitment Process.
  • Document verification For the Final Selection.

Syllabus For ZP bharti

Following are the topics of the ZP bharti Examinations. As the recruitment process is expected soon, Candidates started the preparation of the ZP Examinations.

  • महाराष्ट्रातील जिल्हे व त्याची माहिती
  • सामान्य ज्ञान व चालू घडामोडी
  • मराठी व्याकरण
  • इंग्रजी व्याकरण
  • अंकगणित
  • बुद्धिमत्ता चाचणी

Zilla Parishad 2019 Syllabus – Marathi

  • Vocabulary.
  • Idioms & Phrases.
  • Grammar.
  • Antonyms.
  • Comprehension.
  • Synonyms.
  • Fill in the Blanks.
  • Tenses.
  • Transformation of Sentences.
  • Usage of Words.

ZP Recruitment Syllabus 2019 – English

  • Para Completion.
  • Prepositions.
  • Sentence Improvement.
  • Fill in the blanks.
  • Substitution.
  • Error Correction (Underlined Part).
  • Sentence Arrangement.
  • Idioms and Phrases.
  • Error Correction (Phrase in Bold).
  • Antonyms.
  • Active Voice and Passive Voice.
  • Spotting Errors.
  • Synonyms.
  • Joining Sentences.
  • Passage Completion.
  • Sentence Completion.
Download ZP Bharti PDF paper Sets with Answer Key

Download the PDF paper sets & Answer keys are given for downloading. The Link is given below for downloading. All the details & Answer key are given for downloading.

Question Paper Set of ZP Recruitment Exam

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